Class 3’s eclectic musical, fun, active Sporty Day
Tuesday March 29th 2011, 2:14 pm
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We had a really great time today because we did both our personal bests and our ukulele concert!  Personal Bests are when we try to do our best in sports.  The sports we were doing include: Standing Long Jump, Chest Push (pass), Speed Bounce (hopping and running), Shuttle Run (picking up bean bags on the run), Target throw (using bean bags) and the Hop and Sprint.    Most of the children think that they have done better than their first go at the activities this past Winter.   We get another go in Winchester in the Summer when we will have our final competing against other schools!

Class 2’s News
Monday March 28th 2011, 2:16 pm
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Year 2 really enjoyed the mini olympics at Southdown College. Nick Stannard exclaimed “the climbing wall was really fun because I like going up high!” Ellis Paine added “my best bit was when we got the medals at the end.”

We welcome back Mrs Humphry who was ill last week. Back now hopefully, bug free!

Class 2 planted some lovely spring flowers in the tubs last week. The children enjoyed gardening.

We are still waiting for a nuthatch or small bird to make a nest in our box. We’ll keep you posted.

“Real” ? Ancient Greek artefacts
Sunday March 27th 2011, 6:57 pm
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Here are some pictures of us using some of the artefacts borrowed from Hampshire History Centre. We had great fun playing “Call my Bluff”. Each group had an artefact; we had the real description and then made up more descriptions. We then had to guess which of the descriptions was the real one. We also used the artefacts to draw and talk about.

using artefacts in the classroom

Goodbye Mr Musgrave!
Sunday March 27th 2011, 6:27 pm
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competing for a medal

Class 4 said “Goodbye” to Mr Musgrave on Thursday, 24th March. It will be really strange  because he has been working in the school for 9 weeks. On Thursday morning Class 4 held their own Olympics, to link with their study of Ancient Greece. Groups of children planned and organised events, and medals were awarded. After the closing ceremony, there was a small party to celebrate and say goodbye.

Mr Musgrave with Class 4

taking part in the class 4 Olympics

A medal ceremony

Wildlife in Class 4
Friday March 25th 2011, 3:14 pm
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Today we were tidying our class garden and emptying bags of topsoil into a new raised bed. Suddenly Oliver and Millie spotted a toad. Mrs Helsen kept it in her hand until Oliver had taken a picture of it. It sat there and posed for us beautifully; then it jumped into Mrs Helsen’s lap and peed on her!

Class 4 Assembly – Tuesday, 15th March 2011
Tuesday March 15th 2011, 11:37 am
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All about democracy and politicians

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to our assembly about the Ancient Greeks.  It is amazing  how much influence this ancient civilisation has had on our way of life. Of course, the city of Athens gave us the beginnings of democracy – from the words demos meaning people and kratos meaning rule. Then there are all the buildings, the stories and myths, the plays and theatre, the words in our language, the ideas of the thinkers, and all the discoveries of the mathematicians and scientists. We hope you all enjoyed the presentation and the accompanying powerpoint which was prepared by Rebecca and Lauren.

Three groups played their compositions about an imaginary  journey into Space; Hannah and Emma shared their writing about their own journeys to an imaginary planet.

We are having great fun preparing displays for our very own Ancient Greek Museum which will be open to children from other classes. It will be open on Monday 28th March for 3 days at lunchtime and one afternoon for parents too. We are expecting lots of visitors.

Rock Challenge – The Performance
Tuesday March 08th 2011, 4:49 pm
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At last, it was the day we had all been working towards and looking forward to – Saturday, March 5th 2011- our Rock Challenge performance day. We were all gathered at school at 7.30 am ( Yes! 7.30 am on a Saturday!) A coach collected us and Durley school and took us to the Guildhall in Southampton. Fair Oak Junior school arrived at the same time. The 3 schools had been working on a performance piece to perform together. We were all so excited and wondering what the day would be like because none of us had done this before, not even the teachers.

We spent most of the day in the main seating area of the Guildhall, dancing in the aisles and watching other schools perform; each of the 9 schools had 30 minutes rehearsal time on the stage. In the afternoon we had a dance workshop. It was great fun to watch all the teachers dancing a routine, followed by the “Air Guitar” competition.  Then we were off to our changing room to prepare for our performance. Mrs Wood did a super job with our face make-up; we had lipstick, eye shadow and rouge on our cheeks –  and we even had nail polish! Mrs Taplin worked really hard to give us big back-combed hair styles to match the music from “Hairspray” that Curdridge were dancing to. Hamble Sports partnership were the last group to perform at the evening performance which started at 6 pm. We certainly finished the whole evening with a fun packed performance, and won the award for “Best Entertainment”. Everyone enjoyed everything about the day and we think the parents had a good time too!

Mrs Helsen is copying all the photos she took of rehearsals at Fair Oak and of us on Saturday during the day. We should get a copy of our own dance soon from Emma Hughes. Photos and a video of the performance are available on the “Be Your Best – Rock Challenge” website. You will need the username and password to view and purchase these.

Activities in Class 2
Tuesday March 08th 2011, 3:18 pm
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On Friday Mr Sadler began a data handling activity with Y2 in the ICT suite. Lots of fun was had by the children and since then Y2 have taught Y1 how to make a tally and have introduced them to data handling on the computer.

Today, Mrs Curran and Mrs Humphry have shown the children how to use marbling inks and continuing to make dinosaur collages.

Thanks to Mrs Chambers and Mrs Tree for their help today.

Private Peaceful trip
Monday March 07th 2011, 10:18 am
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Four people from class4 went to see Private Peaceful at Winchester Theatre Royal.

The play is about a young First world War  soldier who is telling you about his short eighteen years of life before being shot at dawn for cowardice. It has helped us to understand what it was like to be a soldier in the wars of the past so that we can remember them more on Remembrance Day.

The story was by Michael Morpurgo who was a soldier himself once.His new book is called Shadow which is aslo about war. Michael Morpurgo has written lots more books and we think he is a really good author.

World Book Day – Part 2!
Friday March 04th 2011, 12:45 pm
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Thank you to all the children and parents for making the day so special in school. The staff and children had great fun dressing up as book characters and we all stayed in role for the whole day! Here’s more photos… have fun guessing who the characters are…