Visit to The Hawthorn Study Centre
Friday May 27th 2011, 1:55 pm
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Class 1 enjoyed a lovely day on Southampton Common visiting the Hawthorn Study Centre as part of this term’s topic about minibeasts.  All the children loved the high seats in the coach as they were able to spot places they are familiar with.  We were greeted by Mr Bailey, the Education Officer who led the morning’s brilliant activities.  This started with hunt the woolly caterpillars team game where the children pretended to be birds in search of caterpillars to eat.  They found all the red ones first as all the green ones were camouflaged against the green holly leaves.  The children now understand the term camouflage. For our second activity we formed a long line holding the persons shoulders in front wearing a blindfold. This helped us imagine how centipedes feel their way around. Thirdly we played a team game to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and we discovered that only a few eggs ever develop into a beautiful butterfly. Our last activity before lunch saw us explore the old cemetery looking for minibeasts. As always on a school trip, everyone enjoyed eating their packed lunches together. Our afternoon saw us explore the different areas of the centre  including a pond where the children enjoyed doing brass rubbings of wildlife.  Indoors the children looked at minibeasts through microscopes and watched the bluetit chicks being fed by their mother live on TV. We are making a talking book about our visit and look forward to sharing it with you in class very soon.

Ta da!
Wednesday May 25th 2011, 4:27 pm
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Here is just a small sample of our artwork; you can see the real thing at the Curdridge Show!  We have gone through lots of steps to make our prints – we studied faces and shapes, sketched, created computer generated Picasso inspired faces and finally carved our own tiles and printed.  Whew!  What do you think they look like? How do they make you feel?

Printing crazy
Tuesday May 24th 2011, 3:12 pm
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We have been working on sketching our faces and we have also been using a programme called picasso head.You use different types of shapes and features. It’s good fun and we made lots of different faces and printed them.Toaday we had a go at drawing our faces on styrofoam tiles and printed them on paper with paint.  Watch this space for some of our finished work!

Our dioramas are nearly finished
Monday May 23rd 2011, 2:11 pm
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On Friday class 3 continued making their dioramas all about space.We did the dioramas with Mrs Grocott and it was really FUN!!! We were in groups of 4 or 5.   After that we did some French and learned a song called Quel ton fait il. There was a few people who were standing out from the rest of the class.  At three o’clock we started golden time, YIPPY!!!

Primary Engineers at Swanmore College
Friday May 20th 2011, 12:51 pm
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Year 5 pupils were invited to spend an afternoon at Swanmore College recently. They were shown how to build a small battery powered car using spar and dowel. As part of the ‘body build,’ they used a special machine to create a moulded plastic body. The machine was exciting to watch – it is also the type of machine that makes the plastic packing for Easter eggs! Once their cars were made, they raced them against other teams. Very soon the winning team will be invited back to the college to take part in a special ‘Grand Prix’ against other local primary schools… watch this space!

Royal Wedding Fever hits Curdridge Primary School
Friday May 20th 2011, 12:27 pm
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On Thursday 28th April, the whole school dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton. In the afternoon we held a street party on the field where we stood for the national anthem and cheered the happy couple before eating and drinking in true street party style! At the end of the school day the  children and staff were each presented with a special commemorative coin from the CSA, our parent association. Who knows…. we may have the heirloom of the future….

On Friday 29th April, Stella went to London with her mum to join in the celebrations ‘for real.’ They stood along The Mall opposite Clarence House where they had a great view of Prince Charles and Camilla and also the Queen as she was driven past. After the wedding ceremony, Stella and her mum walked towards Buckingham Palace to see the famous balcony scene. Stella said, ‘it was a wonderful experience that I will remember forever.’

Titchfield Haven Trip
Thursday May 12th 2011, 11:00 am
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This half term Class 2 has been learning about mini-beasts. As part of this topic, we enjoyed a  wonderful school trip to Titchfield Haven. We got the chance to search for mini-beasts  and we found some  poisonous very hairy caterpillars! We studied various birds from a hide, using binoculars, and we saw a rare bird called an avocet.

We went pond dipping and found 3 newts!

Finally we went on a nature walk and found a badger’s toilet.

Can anything be created without destroying something else?
Thursday May 12th 2011, 9:54 am
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Yesterday in class 3 Mrs JT asked us ’can anything be created without destroying something else?’ After a few minutes we came up with a few ideas. Jasmine came up with a tower of rulers. Kia said that making a tower of rulers destroyed the children’s ability of drawing strait lines. Then Ellie said it destroyed the space around it. Afterwards Rachel said that you can not make someting ever that does not destroy something else because it destroys time.

 by class 3

Sponsored Skip
Tuesday May 03rd 2011, 4:42 pm
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Here are some pics from our sponsored skip  today, Tuesday 3rd May.

Class 4 visit to Twickenham
Monday May 02nd 2011, 6:37 pm
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Class 4 enjoyed some great weather for their visit to Twickenham to see the BUCS Rugby Union finals on Wednesday, 27th April 2011. In fact the group had to retreat to the shade as it was so hot in the sunshine. In the ladies final Exeter were well beaten by Leeds 32 -0 and there were lots of tries to see. The men’s final was exciting; Durham snatched victory in the dying minutes of injury time with a penalty to win 25 – 23 over UWIC. Lots of parents joined us this year as you will see from the pictures. Many opportunities were seized for shopping and eating as well as the watching of some very good rugby.