Y6 Civic Award Camp
Thursday July 21st 2011, 12:17 pm
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All of the Y6 Civic Awarders were very excited about their overnight camp at Fairthorne Manor. We got shown around and had a quick go on the bouncy pillow after that it all started with a dinner and then a campfire in the evening where we learnt loads of new weird, wacky but wonderful songs. After a tiring night of barely any sleep we were up at 7:00getting ready for our team building activity. We had a cooked breakfast and then went back to our camp. We then left to go to our activity which was an assult course BUT extremely muddy and smelly. Once we had completed it in teams we tried it in parteners with one partner blindfolded. After that we tried it holding a cup of water. That didn’t go well! We returned back to our camp and got into a complete change of clothes. The next activity was the Crate Building challenge.We were in two groups of three and one group of two. Me and Hannah built up 13 crates, Lara, Oliver and hayley built up 7 crates whilst Lauren, Megan and Rebecca built up 12 crates. After that we played a fun game of Ninja which was won by Mrs. Wood (unfortunately), we then went and had our lunch, packed up and then after packing up we had a go on the bouncy pillow. Soon our parents arrived and we had to leave.

Written by Emma and Lara