Matisse leaf pictures and nativity
Monday November 28th 2011, 2:59 pm
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Class 2 has jumped from autumn to Christmas in the space of  a weekend!

They have been working with Mrs Grocott in the ICT suite making autumn leaf pictures in the style of Matisse. They look very effective and Frankie and Megan reported that they were very interesting to make and that they had learned new computer skills in the process.

Nativity practices are well underway now and the children are busy learning their lines and remembering when its their turn to walk on stage. They are also learning how to project their voices to the back of the hall.

Rivers, logic and Christmas!
Friday November 25th 2011, 4:18 pm
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This term in Class 4 we have enjoyed our theme rivers immensely! We have explored the source, meandered through the countryside and now arrived at the mouth. (What we really mean is that we have finished our studies!) We are now busy putting all our fabulous work together in individual topic folders.

This week we have been thinking logically and systematically in maths. It has been quite tricky and we have had to really persevere to solve some puzzling puzzles. The parents who joined us on Tuesday for our open day were also heard to whisper to each other that it was all quite challenging!

We have also started our Christmas preparations by writing the Christmas story from different characters view points. Have you ever wondered what the shepherds felt when they saw the angels, or how long the journey took the kings or what Joseph said to the innkeeper when he claimed he had no room? These and many other questions helped us with our first person recounts of the amazing story that happend over 2000 years ago.

Ben and RacheL (Class 4 pupils)

Drumming with Dan
Monday November 21st 2011, 3:11 pm
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Everyone is really pleased that Dan has returned to Curdridge and has included the infants in his drumming lessons again this year. Class 2 has had lots of fun playing the African drums and are already becoming quite expert. Hopefully you will get a chance to hear us.

Target cards for maths will be coming home this week and infromation given at the homework meeting will also be available.


Being real artists…
Wednesday November 16th 2011, 5:17 pm
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In class 3 we have been using charcoal in our art work. In our first lesson we were experimenting with different types of art materials such as silky crayons, charcoal, pastels, felt tips and chalks. We found out that we can smudge charcoal easily and that silky crayons are really soft and smooth. We then compared charcoal and charcoal pencils – this was the start of our messy work!

In the next lesson we discovered how to draw landscapes using charcoal. For this we had to use shading to area to show light and dark.  For this we got very messy indeed!

Our next lesson got very smelly – we sketched our shoes! We looked at our shoes from different angles and used charcoal and chalk to show light and dark. The different angles proved to be really tricky in getting the right shape. Overall we were very pleased with what we achieved!

We then went outside to sketch the lanscape from our school field… tricky bits this time were drawing when we had a fence in front of us; the shape and angle of the trees and also being outside with our sketch books.

At the moment we are working on sketches of the school building to produce some super A3 sketches in charcoal. 




Parents’ Day in Class 3
Wednesday November 16th 2011, 1:52 pm
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Parents came into class on Tuesday to share our learning. We worked in small groups to find the hidden treasure ‘stolen by Freddie, the man-servant to William Cobbet’. We had to calculate all sorts of figures to solve the clues and find the loot! The treasure had been hidden in our classroom for all these years! Parents had lunch with us and some stayed for the afternoon in class, to design and plan for our Christmas DT project – making tree decorations. It was a very active and inspiring day!

Tower Challenge
Tuesday November 08th 2011, 2:07 pm
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Today we joined with Class 3 and made up small teams to take part in a tower challenge. Each team was allowed 10 pieces of newspaper and some masking tape. Mrs Page showed us some towers from around the world on the white board. Next we had a planning session and then we made our towers. Some of the towers were really good and some fell down! The teachers were not only looking for the tallest tower but for thinking and learning skills like collaboration, perseverance, revision and questioning. Coloured cards were given out to represent the skills. Some teams got more than 4 coloured cards so were sent to Mrs Wood to go into the achievement book for being so good. The winning team, of the tallest tower competition, was also sent to go into the achievement book.

Photos to follow…