East Dene – Day 4 24th May 2012
Thursday May 24th 2012, 5:17 pm
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East Dene – Day 4 24th May 2012


Well here it is folks, the very last blog of our time in East Dene.  ‘East Dene: the final instalment.’

After a better night’s sleep (!) we had our breakfast of cereal, croissant, cheese and toast (very continental!) before starting the day’s activities in the pool. The theme for the morning was water, water and even more water! We learned how to tie reef knots, clove hitches and square lashing when designing and building our rafts; we learned how to save people in water and to keep them calm. We may have learned these skills, but just how good were we in putting them into practice? Let’s just say… 1 raft sank, another fell apart and another did not steer in a straight line (and we only built 4!)… (at least we were better  at rescuing our partners!)

In true Harry Potter style with woggles as broomsticks, we played a game of Quidditch in the pool. We had a blue ball as the quaffle and a smaller ball as the snitch. The aim of the game was to score points with the quaffle whilst holding up the snitch to gain 5 points. In both matches Huffle-Puff won but Mrs Humphry would be very proud of all our ball skills.

During our swimming session, Danny swam his first width without armbands and a full length with; well done Danny!

Splitting into year groups for the afternoon, the activities were ‘search and rescue’ and archery. Learning new skills yet again, just how successful were we in rescuing our casualty? Let’s put it this way… if you are parents of Y5 children – panic! If you are parents of Y6 – don’t panic you’re safe! Y5’s casualty suffered detached arms and was dragged through the tunnel… Y6’s casualty survived but the rescuers left stuck in the spider’s web!

Archery  was at least far more successful! The firing range was located in a clearing in the woods; much like being Robin Hood and his gang. Charlotte found out she was better right handed and Ellie was better with her left hand! At the end of the session we aimed at balloons attached to the target – great fun! Sophie was the first to burst a balloon in Y6. It was really good fun!

Staff had a good day too – Mrs Wood beat Mr Chambers by bursting 2 balloons (no competition there!!!!);  Mrs Hollingsworth won the prize for the brownest legs and Mr Chambers managed not to fall over and hurt himself!

We are looking forward to our trip to Carisbrooke Castle tomorrow but feel sad that we will be leaving East Dene. We take with us many happy memories of our time here.

This is class 4 signing off from our East Dene blog; we hope you have enjoyed reading our entries as much as we have writing them. We would like to say thank you to all our parents for letting us come on our ‘Educational Residential Visit!’


By Ella MacKenzie-Sly and Ellie Stannard



Hello Class 4
Thursday May 24th 2012, 10:26 am
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We enjoyed reading about your exciting adventures on the Isle of Wight love from Class 1, Mrs Newman and Mrs Purden

School Life!
Wednesday May 23rd 2012, 3:16 pm
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Congratulations Mrs Curran and a very happy birthday! Hope you love your Olive Tree and enjoyed blowing out the birthday candle. “Reach for the stars!”

We’re making the most of this heat wave, with everyone basking in the sunshine and then seeking the shade! Missing Class 4, but not that much! Year 4 have been enjoying doing all the duties:-  classroom monitors and other responsible jobs.

Class 3 went down to the Rec today and played rounders. Year 1 have had a lovely time designing William Morris tiles and Year 2 have been writing about nocturnal animals to help Ally to sleep!

Mrs Page & Mrs Grocott

East Dene – day 3
Wednesday May 23rd 2012, 2:52 pm
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East Dene – Day 3 23rd May 2012

After an exhausting but fun day yesterday, we had a well earned sleep and still woke up early today (or some did… mentioning no names!!!!) We had time to go into the woods before a scrumptious breakfast of hash browns, eggs, baked beans, toast, cereals, yogurt and fruit!

We then started out on our morning walk. We walked past Bonchurch duck pond where we saw terrapins, fish and ducks. Walking to the seafront, we saw a beautiful waterfall, a paddling pool in the shape of the Isle of Wight before finding out distances from IOW to other places around the world. We found out it is 40km from here to Southampton!

With money ready to spend we then visited the shops in Ventnor to buy ice creams, sweets and souvenirs. The locals were very nice and pleased to see people from Southampton visiting the IOW. (Mrs Wood was very proud when all the shopkeepers complimented the children on their excellent manners and sensible behaviour.) At the end of our visit to Ventnor, we sat on the beach eating ice creams before wishing Mrs Curran a very happy birthday down the phone! (What a great way to spend an ‘educational’ residential visit!!!)

We walked back to East Dene along the seafront where Mrs Hollingsworth suddenly stopped the group to talk about coastal plants in the side of the cliff! Very educational!

We eventually reached the beach by East Dene and walked up a steep path to St Boniface Church, an 11th century church in Bonchurch. Before long Ben became the ‘vicar’ and started to ‘marry’ random people with one another…  it was only then that we remembered that Gus and Beatrice had already ‘married’ one another at Curdridge Caterpillars aged 4!

We have spent the afternoon exploring the woods and playing games before we prepare to spend the evening back on the beach doing art and rock pooling.

We are having the ‘best time ever’ says Danny. We feel that if you were here, you would feel the same about East Dene.


By Danny Rogers and Dominick Collis



East Dene – Day 2
Tuesday May 22nd 2012, 9:19 pm
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East Dene – day 2
Tuesday May 22nd 2012, 4:53 pm
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22nd May 2012

After our first night’s sleep (!) we were lucky enough to find out that we were second sitting for breakfast – lie in! (Or so we thought). The boys woke up early and got ready for the day ahead. So early that they had free time in the woods. Whilst this was happening some of the girls were still asleep or still getting ready! Eventually we all ended up in the woods before breakfast.

After our first breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and cereals we all sang Happy Birthday to Kieran and gave him cards and presents! What a way to spend your special day!

We then met Graham and Johnny who taught us how to read maps with co-ordinates. We were given co-ordinates and had to locate them on the map. A game was then played where we had to solve puzzles to get clues to work out the answer.

We later went into the woods for bushcraft. For this we learnt how to light fires safely and make bread over the heat. We all had a go at building small fires as we imagined we were lost on an island. If you want to try the bread, take flour, dried milk, water, olive oil and raisins; mix the ingredients together to make a dough and then cook on a griddle! Yummmmm

Our first swim happened at midday – the water was cold but just what we needed after running around and being in the woods.

This afternoon we became pirates and smugglers. The pirates had to complete an obstacle course and when we were smugglers we built a den where we needed to be camouflaged to hide from the tax man.

At the end of the session there was a big game between Y6 and Y5 – all the adults were competitive but Johnny’s tactics with Y6 did not work and Y5 won!!!! 

We leave you on a tired but very happy note – looking forward to tonight’s activities and a new day tomorrow.

By Kieran Burrows AKA Birthday Boy and Georgina Whitewick

East Dene
Monday May 21st 2012, 5:56 pm
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On the 21st of May most of class 4 went to the Isle of Wight. We boarded the hovercraft at 9:30am the ride there was very bumpy. When the hovercraft inflated the air bag at the bottom it felt like we were flying! When we arrived we jumped into the coach and were driven to Osborn House. On the way there, the year 6 boys started to sing 100 green bottles at the back of the coach which annoyed Mr Chambers! At Osborn House we were split into our 3 groups each with an adult. We explored the House and saw lots of disgusting statues of naked people. By the time we were halfway through Mrs Wood had lost her voice but she didn’t have to shout. YES!! No more being shouted at! Anyway we had our lunch in the shade of Osborn House. We then wandered down to the Swiss Cottage and saw the stunning flowers. Surprisingly there was unusual animals like a 5 legged deer and a 9 legged spider! At the shop the kids bought many items before getting onto the coach and being driven to East Dene. There we were showed to our rooms and had to make our beds and unpack. When we were being showed round we went down to the beach, there we spent an hour playing in the sand and climbing the rocks. It has been a great start to our Educational Residential Trip (or holiday)!

By Gus Jones and Lewi White