Meeting The Mayor Of Winchester
Wednesday June 13th 2012, 12:31 pm
Filed under: Class 4

News brought to you by Lucie and Rachel

On Tuesday 12th June, junior road safety officers, class 4 school councilors, peer mentors and sports ambassadors went to meet the Mayor of Winchester. It was a really fun day and was a wonderful experience. Firstly the Mayor gave our group a miniature tour of the guild hall. After that had finished, we went to the council room in the guild hall to take part in a debate. In the debate, we were asked question such as ‘Do you think school holidays should be longer?’ and ‘Do you think wearing school uniform is necessary?’ (Please comment on what you think about these questions).  Finally we went to the Mayor’s official house called abbey house (not where he sleeps but where he spends most of his day!) to have a lovely bite of lunch. It was a great day and we will remember it forever.