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Thursday October 17th 2013, 2:30 pm
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This week we had a supply teacher, called Mrs Pennington. It was very nice seeing her face again. We did measuring angles using a Protractor. Then we did some English on information text using formal and informal text. Earlier on in the week we did a poster about Wind in the Willows  We had a question which was “ is the River Hamble the river in Wind in the Willows .’  Everyone thought that it was.


In P.E we have been carrying on with Gymnastics. This week we are getting the big apparatus out, with Mrs Wood. Outside with Mrs Hollingsworth we have been doing ball skills. We did bouncing the ball on a line with both hands and then we had to make up a game using the technics Mrs Hollingsworth showed us.

So it has been another busy week in Class 4

Kia, Alice, Chardonnay, Nigel, Marley.