More photos!
Thursday June 05th 2014, 7:36 pm
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Photos from East Dene so far…
Thursday June 05th 2014, 4:04 pm
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We’re having a few problems with the Wi-Fi at East Dene, but we’ll keep trying! Here’s a few photos to keep you looking!
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East Dene – Day 4 (continued)
Thursday June 05th 2014, 4:00 pm
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Currently on our 8 mile walk to Shanklin. Hopefully we will be ready for Nansen Hill Challenge.
Follow our progress by following our blog … Brief stop now to be ‘smugglers’ on their way to “Smugglers’ Haven”.
Sunshine – warm. Beautiful skies!
Will try and send photos through …

East Dene Day 4
Thursday June 05th 2014, 3:55 pm
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Wednesday was a little rainy at first but soon became bright and sunny. We did map skills, bush craft and team building games We all now know how to light a fire using a flint and use it to cook garlic bread. Yummy! Even though we’ve been swimming every day, Mrs Hollingsworth still insisted it was the boys turn to shower! We’re all having great fun and having lots of laughs together. Mrs Hollingsworth had to wake us up this morning. We wanted a lie-in but it was gone 7am and we had to get up for breakfast. Off to have another adventure. See you soon!
Tyler & Mrs Hollingsworth

East Dene – Day 3
Wednesday June 04th 2014, 8:30 am
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We had lots of fun last night playing team and indevidual games. For some activities we nominated a player who would suit the activity best. The most enjoyable and funniest game was the mini cheddar challenge where you had to get the mini cheddar from your eye and into your mouth!

It turns out the tooth fairy can make her way to East Dene. Clara lost her tooth at dinner last night and this morning a pound was found under her pillow! She is hoping because the tooth fairy didn’t take the tooth she could put the tooth under her pillow when she gets back and may find somthing else!

Sadly Mrs Hollingsworth is still hobbling along after we made her walk up a steep muddy hill from the beach even though we gave her a big head start; we hope she will get better by Friday. Fingers crossed.

Clara & Charlotte

East Dene – Day 2
Wednesday June 04th 2014, 8:13 am
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Phew! Hard to believe that rockpooling was this morning as it seems like it was sooooo long ago… managed to find crabs, shrimps and also a pipe fish (a new one on us!) and had great fun doing so! Followed this up with creating some beach art in 3D (very interesting interpretations of a crab, jellyfish and beach scene to say the least… )
The weather on the beach was dry but quite cold and windy but thankfully this all changed when we got back into East Dene’s grounds and the sun came out!
Fab weather for the rest of the afternoon for raftbuilding and archery. Hope you all had the same back home?
Archery was great fun (although Mrs Wood left the archery ground with a bruised ego and bruised head having hit it on the shelter – finally she has found something that she needed to duck for but forgot!!!!) Yes, you’ve guessed it, Mr Chambers won the archery rivalry and had not let Mrs Wood forget it since…. it’s going to be a long week!
Testing the rafts was very entertaining (although we use the word ‘rafts’ rather loosely….) but great fun nevertheless!
The day has seemed endless and we are pleased to report that we have 28 very happy, excited but very tired children – off to sleep much quicker than last night (thankfully!) hopefully dreaming of becoming pirates tomorrow OOOOO ARRRR!!!!

East Dene
Tuesday June 03rd 2014, 6:28 am
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Hi all,

This message is coming to you from the depths of East Dene. Staff sitting here relaxing and chatting about the day – fingers crossed that all children are fast asleep!!!!
Had a very good journey here and an active day exploring the grounds, beach and wooded area. We even managed to fit in a swim…
All children have been absolute stars – long may this continue!
Looking foward to the rockpooling tomorrow morning, followed by beach art. In the afternoon we will have archery and raftbuilding – hopefully we can update you tomorrow on the 2 year rivalry between Mrs Wood and Mr Chambers in the archery!!!